Warp Drives #46: The Devil’s Pro Bono Advocate

We’re back on our bullshit again as TJ and Dave talk about the MCU. We definitely get into a minor fight about whiteness and Iron Fist, which… isn’t that ultimately the source of all marital strife?

Warp Drives #46: The Devil’s Pro Bono Advocate

Warp Drives #45: Don’t touch my f’ing cake

The sauciness factor is turned up to eleven in this not-so-safe-for-work Warp Drives episode. TJ gets a little heated about cake manhandling. We talk about the Writing Excuses Retreat and how not to plan for your deadlines by booking a cruise that coincides with the day your manuscript is due.

Warp Drives #45: Don’t touch my f’ing cake

Warp Drives #37: Soul Neuropathy

Star Trek: Discovery finally wrapped up with a class trip to Qo’noS, the Klingon home world, for a daring plan that (of course) goes awry. We talk about our impressions of the finale, plus a look back over all fifteen Discovery episodes to see if the promises made at the start of the season were fulfilled (spoiler, they weren’t).

We also share some insights from the creators on what we might see in Season 2. Which characters might be gone for good and who might be the next captain of the Discovery.

Warp Drives #37: Soul Neuropathy